Friday, September 4, 2009

Consulting Testimonials From Business Associates and Colleagues


“Bob is masterful at implementing large scale projects across a broad array of challenges which include but are not limited to geography and education. Bob has a passion for implementing successful programs. During our last energy initiative program, Bob successfully established new operating standards for efficiency and best practice throughout all departments of each store. The immensity of the program included over 150 stores in three states. If you are challenged with finding an individual to manage and perfect a large scale project; than look no farther than Bob Gambone.” September 2, 2009
Jeff Rupert , Account Manager / Field Service Engineer , Parasense was with another company when working with Bob at Giant Eagle

“Bob is a true professional. I had the pleasure of working with him to develop and launch Giant Eagle's Sustainability efforts. We developed a strategic plan to deliver $10MM in triple bottom line(people, planet & profitability) benefits. He was diligent, thorough, and a respected leader. He could go comfortably from the corporate boardroom to the backroom of our stores, and gain support for key initiatives. His passion for retail, and advocacy of people separates him from virtually every other executive I have had the opportunity to work with.” September 2, 2009
Derek Gaskins , Director of Marketing , Giant Eagle, Inc. worked with Bob at Giant Eagle (Currently VP of Marketing NACS)

“Bob is extremely knowledgeable of retail operations and adept at identifying efficiencies in processes and managing labor. However, Bob's greatest asset is his ability to effectively communicate with colleagues and associates of varying educational and work backgrounds.” September 2, 2009
John Bernardo , Principal , Sustainable Innovations LLC worked directly with Bob at Giant Eagle

“Bob was the driving force in our utility and recycling initiative. He understands store operations and its manpower and financial constraints, is innovative in developing and improving processes and systems to reduce energy and waste, is very cognizant of the corporate culture and its requirements, is great at communicating with and motivating both teams and individuals, and really cares about the people he works with and the community at large. Bob is the rare person who can accomplish a large amount of work in a totally organized manner and still have time to do more if asked. Through his leadership, we dramatically increased the income from recycled cardboard and plastic and reduced energy use and cost in our organization.” July 29, 2009
Cliff Timko , Energy Manager , Giant Eagle, Inc. reported to Bob at Giant Eagle (currently an Independent Consultant)

“Bob is a confidant, competent, committed and highly motivational leader. He has a very effective communication style that leaves one to think and grow on their own. A great asset to any team!” September 2, 2009
Ken Dennewitz , Regional Business Manager , Giant Eagle worked with Bob at Giant Eagle

“Bob is a high energy, motivational manager, he has a very direct and effective style. He is driven and a goal oriented manager. An asset to every team.” August 12, 2009
Dave Daniel , Regional V P of Operations , Giant Eagle worked directly with Bob at Giant Eagle

“Bob Gambone proved what true leadership is when he took on the Giant Eagle/ Big Bear store Conversion Project. Not only did he assist us 7 Directors with our store conversions, he did it with such savory and professionalism that we were able to accomplish opening up seven stores in less than 3 weeks from the ground up. He coordinated all training, scheduling, meetings, ordering, store fills, staffing and filling of these stores. Bob acts unselfishly and has a true heart for the retail business. He’s is a teacher and trainer to many of today’s successful store directors, managers and employees. He always raised the bar to bring out the true potential that each of us never knew we had and it brought us to the next level of our careers. Bob has strong leadership qualities and a great sense of humor. He has a lead by example management style that creates such a positive atmosphere of success that is second to none. Bob is the leader we all would like to be - and he shows us how to get there.” September 2, 2009
Bob Kritz , Store Director , Giant Eagle reported to Bob at Giant Eagle (Currently an Independent Real-Estate Agent)

“Bob is an excellent teacher, trainer and leader. While our store was being converted to the Giant Eagle banner, Bob supported our team through what could have been a difficult transition. Bob communicates with passion and excitement. His vast knowledge is easily shared and understood by others through these communication skills.” August 14, 2009
Don Booth , Store Manager , Giant Eagle reported to Bob at Giant Eagle

“Bob and I worked together on a variety of special training projects. I’ve always admired Bob's professionalism, enthusiasm and personality, in addition to his well-equipped facilitation and formal presentation skills. Bob's energy, compassion and dedication is truly contagious.” July 29, 2009
Steve Billock , HR trainer , Giant Eagle worked directly with Bob at Giant Eagle

“My role at Giant Eagle is to recruit, select and certify qualified trainers to teach DDI / Giant Eagle University management development courses. I worked with Bob as a facilitator in the past and always considered him a very professional, passionate, entertaining and enthusiastic facilitator. Bob lived up to all expectations and became one the best course instructors certified to teach these classes.” August 12, 2009
Steve Billock , HR trainer , Giant Eagle worked directly with Bob at Giant Eagle

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Business Life and Leadership Coaching Testimonials (part 2)

“Thank You for everything you have done for my career… You took the time to listen to what my career goals were… best mentor anyone could ask for… thank you for your guidance and support throughout the years. You are #1 in my book!!”

“You taught me what passion was all about and how to execute it!”

“ His never- ending energy, his passion and his constant challenge motivated each and everyone of us to become the leaders that we are today.”

“Over my career in this business I have worked for many people. I can honestly say I have never worked with anyone as dedicated to the goals and one who would teach and train in a sensitive way you did with all the new members of the Giant Eagle (supermarket) family…The right person at the right time in the right job was definitely you. We are grateful for all you have done for us.”
--- D.B

“I think I can safely speak for all the former Big Bear (supermarket) employees and say that you have been a big help and many things that have happened would have been much more difficult without your input and guidance. You have made a mark on Columbus that will show for some time to come.”

“You are a BIG reason for the success in Columbus in the new stores. You set the tone and drove the “PASSION.” You taught me a lot about how to do business and there is a lot of Bob Gambone in me now.”

“For those of you who had the opportunity to work with Bob Gambone, you understand when I say he is a leader in the truest sense of the word…we were awestruck by his enthusiasm and attitude towards his job…he made us feel that we could make a difference and he molded us into managers who truly understand the business.”

“Your legacy is something that should make you feel very proud…you certainly changed
[our] thinking forever. Now that is an accomplishment for the ages.”

“…I was out of my comfort zone, not knowing what to expect, on top of having lost my
longtime job, you were one of the first people to help me make my transition smoother,
And answered all my questions for me, as I had many.”

“Thank you so much for all you taught me when I first became a Manager.
You’re the greatest…”

“I am personally and professionally indebted to you …”